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Does the devil a.k.a. satan exists?

Answer in one sentence:
Yes, The devil does exists and its his master deceit to spread that he is not there!

Answer in detail:
What is the proof for the existence of devil? War, Violence and all sort of evil! When human mind is ensnared by the pleasures of the world, forgetting His Creator, things go wrong naturally!

Interestingly the devil can even take the form of an angel of God! Devil is not a person! He is a spirit being. He once used to adorn in the presence of God Almighty - but because of rebellion, he was cast out.

Origin and fall of the Angels:
  • Gen. 1:5 was “the first day.”
  • Everything was created in six days. Gen 1:31- 2:1, Ex. 20:11
  • Angels incl. satan was created. Ezek. 28:13, 14
  • Angels were created to be “ministering spirits” for us (Heb.1:14 and Mt. 18:10) within the 6 days
  • Satan was an Angel in Eden until he sinned. Ezek. 28:14
  • Eden was made on day 6. Gen. 2:8
  • Angels rejoiced when the foundations of the earth were laid. Job 38:1-4
  • The foundations were laid on day 3. Gen. 1:9
  • Everything was “very good” at the end of day 6. Gen. 1:31
  • Adam was 130 when Seth was born. Gen. 5:3.
  • Cain & Able born before Seth.
  • The creation of Adam “the first man” was “the beginning” Mt 19:4, Mk 10:6, I Cor 15:45.
  • There was no death until Adam sinned. Gen. 3:6. Romans 5:8,12,14, I Cor. 15:21
    (To be continued...)

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