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Does God Exists or is it a gross deceit for humanity?

Answer in one sentence:
Yes, God does exists and the devil tries to spread that there is no God evven though he belives and tremble at the thought of God!

Answer in detail:

Is God a person?
NO!! God is God and not a person.

The following are the traditional arguments for God’s existence: the cosmological argument (prime mover, first cause), the teleological argument (the universe’s order and design), the ontological argument (if it is logically possible for God to exist then God exists), the anthropic argument (the fine-tuned characteristics of nature), the moral argument (awareness of right and wrong).

Some argue that Science disproves God! This is false dichotomy. Science is the study of the material or natural world. God is, by definition, supernatural, and is outside of science's purview to investigate! This leads to what is known as an unfalsifiable hypothesis and leaves us with three options.

  1. God exists
  2. God do not exist
  3. God could exist in some capacity outside of the material world
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(To be continued...)

Further References :

  1. The New Evidence that demands a verdict by Josh McDowell. ISBN: 0-7852-4219-8
  2. Institute for Creation Research - ICR

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